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Upgrade Anniversary Pictures


The sixth anniversary of the Upgrade with Cat Mazza. She summarized her Micro-revolt project complete with a software application that allows Internet users to reaquaint themselves with the process of knitting. The images show her presentation and inciting the audience to knit.

Free Music, Literally (Part I) by Dion Workman


Dion WorkmanExperimental music presents a curious model for thinking about political art. Political sloganeering and symbolic gestures must be immediately rejected as they exist in the realms of representation that this art form attempts to bypass.



a multi-media spectacle by Ben Neill and Bill Jones at Symphony Space
by Joseph Nechvatal - 03/07/2005

The backlash against the logocentric apparatus and corporate globalization has set in by now. It is well known that we live in an era where image is nearly everything and where the proliferation of unbearably intrusive brand names defines so-called culture.

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